SEA committee

General Chair

Dr. Raj Das, RMIT University, Australia

Conference Co-Chairs

Prof. Zhan Chen, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand

Prof. LAU Kin Tak Alan, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Prof. Qinghua Qin, The Australian National University, Australia

Advisory Chair

Prof. Guy Littlefair, Deakin University, Australia

Program Committee Chair

Prof. Gong Hao, National University of Singapore, Singapore

International Technical Committee

Prof. Wong Shaw Voon, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Prof. Li Chang, The University of Sydney, Australia

Prof. Alan C. Lin, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Dr. Abhishek Kundu, Cardiff University, UK

Dr. Khalid Arif, Massey University, New Zealand

Dr. Pierre Kerfriden, Cardiff University, UK

Dr. Chi Kit Au, The University of Waikato, New Zealand

Dr. Kheng-Lim Goh, Newcastle University, UK

Dr. Hao Wang, Northestern University, China

Dr. Prodip Das, Newcastle University, UK

Dr. Yat Wong, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Dr. Jie Zhang, University of Bristol, UK

Dr. Zhangming Wu, Cardiff University, UK

Dr. Alokesh Pramanik , Curtin university, Australia

Dr. Pooya Sareh, Imperial College London,UK

Dr. Ching L. Ko, University of Oklahoma, USA

Dr. Mohsen Motahari-Nezhad, Zabol University, Zabol, Iran

Dr. Akhtar Syed Sohail, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

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